Dating and meeting people with a disability

I guess we all have our issues and some are more obvious than others. Mine are slightly more obvious than others and can be seen from the moment I meet someone. When dating this can cause all kinds of reactions from, I don’t understand what your saying and therefore have switched off 5 minutes into the conversation, to I want to know exactly what your disability is. I have been in both situations which can be both incredibly confusing. The most common reaction is to ask me to repeat myself a couple of times to repeat myself throughout the conversation.

There is no simple answer about how to present your disability on a dating website. There are a million and one different ways of doing it and  it will depend on a range of different things how open you are about it. I have to be open as if I’m not and I have been in the past there is a really awkward situation and the person your meeting does not know how to react at all. Its the same when I’m meeting someone for the first time.  I know they have absolutely no idea what they have just come across and my speech is affected by nerves and meeting people. What I’m always curious about is how much of the rest of my disability others see when they first meet me. I feat that I wont be able to shake someones hand or that my hand will tense up around someone when shaking it and leave me in a really super awkward situation. Its when making that first kind of contact with people that I get most nervous and self conscious.


Reactions to my Speech

I have had  a lot of reactions to my disability over the course of my life. when i meet most people they know very quickly something is wrong because as soon as i open my mouth my speech impairment comes out as well as what I’m saying. My speech is not too bad but it does raise questions for people when they first meet me the most common of which is “What on earth did that guy just say?” After a while people do get more used to my voice but the time it takes depends on how often  they are interacting with me.

There are a number of reactions the first is to carry on as it they have understood just what I’ve said. This is annoying because  i can be saying one thing and the other person says something that makes no sense or is not how I expect them to respond. I normally repeat what I say if I think the situation would benefit.

If there are multiple participants in the conversation I can find it hard to get into the conversation  and when I do people can find it very easy to not listen to what i have to say as it is harder for them to catch the content. They tend to ignore me in the least harsh way possible. This is especially true in loud situations like crowds and where there is loud music. I have found myself cut off in a lot of social situations such as clubs and bars where there is loud music playing. This has not stopped me going to them but has meant that I have found it a lot harder socially when I have got there.

I also get the people who just switch off when i talk to them. This is more difficult to deal with as they are just not interested because I can’t talk properly.  These people are rare but they do exist and they annoy me a lot especially when I am going to have to interact with them multiple times.