Personal struggles and society’s conformist viewpoints

Sometimes I have come up against something that I have not known why I cant do or handle. The psychological implications of telling yourself that something is difficult can be so damaging that you sometimes get to a stage where you just don’t think you can do something when you can.

Im going through a few changes at the moment which I didn’t think would happen this time last year. Im relearning to ride a bike which is proving very hard because every time i get on I think Im going to lose my balance. Im scared of putting my foot down but this is a purely psychological thing as i know that i can physically do it. Its a case of me getting over the barrier I have built up over the years.

Is conforming to societies expectations so important that we feel obliged to not look at ourselves and think about who we are and what we want. I believe that is still true about certain issues such as what people want in their sexual lives. lifestyles such as being gay has only been made acceptable in the past 30 years although it has been legal for 60. That is an incredibly short amount of time and when someone decides to tell others that their homosexual it is still considered a big thing. Society sometimes makes no sense because everyone knows that 99% of people have sexual desires and that there is sex going on the whole time. There is no simple answer as to why society decides to make discussing what you want sexually taboo. I think there are a multitude of different answers and they could all be debated for hours.

I think that everyone has to be comfortable in who they are and that covers everything from their career to their most personal thoughts.