Eye in the Sky – Review

This British military suspense film has not really got too many surprises in it. What the film is about is the decision making process about a drone attack in Nairobi where they are originally meant to capture but end up killing a terror cell with american and British members. Its not the most interesting film from a plot perspective becaues you know what going to happen from about ten minutes into the film but the interesting part is the political posturing in the Cabinet level security meeting where nothing can get done without political approval. The preferred military option goes out the window when the  intelligence proves to be bad about the main targets meeting up at a certain location at a certain time only for them to move to another location inside a terrorist held suburb where we find them inside a house with two suicide vests being prepared for their new recruits.  after some very slow political decision making the decision is made to go ahead when a small girl of about 10 selling bread puts herself right in harms way just before the weapon is deployed. The pilot of the drone who happens to be in Vegas stops the operation and says that he’s not willing to go ahead unless the Collateral Damage Extent from the hellfire missile is recalculated. This then goes back to the committee of MP’s who are in the room with a General. The whole picture now changes as they know they are about to kill a totally innocent child so there is a massive holdup in the political process as this is passed around the cabinet in the UK and to the US who have absolutely no problem with this attack.  The military characters are much more realistic than the Political ones who seem to have no guts at all. The film would have been better if there had been a better political representation but it is still worth a watch.


The revenant was a film where I didn’t quite know whether it was telling a story or showing off. The cinematography is so spectacular that you could kind of ignore the plot which you were encouraged to do.  The plot is a pretty simple revenge story set in the 19th century where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character goes after Tom Hardy murders his son and leaves him for dead after a bear attack. DiCaprio is one of the best actors in my opinion and he does not disappoint here with one of his best performances. He, Hardy and the supporting cast produce some very intense scenes which highlight the harshness of the landscape.

The cinematography is  what makes the film memorable with each shot from beginning to end so carefully thought through that it overrides the plot. The landscape is just incredible throughout the film which takes place over autumn and winter in the rocky mountains. You are drawn into each scene by the background as much as the foreground and the shots where DiCaprio is travelling across country are truly beautiful. Great acting along with great cinematography goes along way towards making a great film. Its a shame that the plot does not quite match up.