Long time no see feels like yesterday

TodayI met up with someone who I hadn’t met in over 15 years. She looked after me when I was a child and I had a really close relationship with her for about three years. It was absolutely great to see her again and hear how her life was getting on now and what she had been up to for the past 15 years. It was a real sort of someone who wanted to succeed doing just that and more with their life. I always knew that she and her Husband, who couldn’t be a kinder man, would end up in a great place having a great time. They run a  beautiful, cosy pub on the outskirts of Winchester and have a house on the in Bournemouth about 5 minutes from the sea.


Today made me think about how important it is to keep relationships going.  Friendships are what make life fulfilled. You run into a lot of people in life and  only occasionally you will make lasting friendships but these are the ones that matter. If you can go for 20 years without really seeing someone and instantly get on with them as if you saw them last week  it is surely a sign of a friendship that I really want in my life.  Coming away today I had a warm fuzzy feeling that I get when I know I really value someone.