Birthday Mini Break – Glamping in Kent!

What is glamping? Its posh camping and is exactly what Kirsty and I did at the weekend with huge success!! Leaving London at 4.30 on at Friday afternoon I would not have guessed what was coming up. We arrived about 5.20 in the middle of Kent to be met off the train by a very nice man with a Volvo who drove us to the farm where we were staying?

The Nut Plat was a nut orchard with two self contained Glamping spots! We settled in to the one at the far end from the house which was more secluded. The plot was made up of a Sleeping wagon, with stained glass windows, a gorgeous double bed and  Wood burning stove to heat the place, a hut for a kitchen with running water and two gas hobs, a gorgeous outdoor fire area and separate toilet and shower huts.  Its situation was at the end of the Orchard between a beautiful deciduous woodland and a lovely stream on the other side.

We immediately got both fires going and put on the kettle. Kirsty had brought some very nice wine which we polished of sitting by the outdoor fine relaxing and winding down after quite a stressful week. With just two of us sitting round the fire  it was a different experience but reminded me a lot of Iceland and camp fires in the middle of nowhere. Gradually it got darker and the stars came out above the trees while the heat of the fire kept us both warm.

The next morning we woke to the sound of birds in the forest. Having breakfast in bed was a real luxury and we were lucky with the weather as it was beautiful sunshine once more.  after chatting for a while we went on a walk around the small but beautiful deciduous forest nest to the house as a exploration and came back to read our books in the sunshine. By this stage a rather cold wind had got up and we were forced indoors as it had become too chilly to be outside.

Half five was all of a sudden upon us, and it was time to set out for dinner before it got dark. We had a couple of miles to walk to get to the Swan on the Green. The walk there was great with the sun setting behind us as we walked through the fields. Dinner was a treat with the lamb  fall of the bone tender, The black putting scotch egg really rich and filling and the Tiramisu laced with loads of flavour. Kirsty’s stake looked really good as well.

The following morning we had to get back to london as Kirsty had some FSC training so we woke at 8 had some delicious eggs and eggy bread for breakfast and then came back into London. Glamping is a brilliant Mini Break idea for the slightly adventurous kind of people. A fantastic weekend with great company.