A mid week break to Cambridge

Cambridge – I have been working there two days a week over this summer. Its a spectacular city with amazing old buildings lots of little streets and a lovely river.

Last week Kirsty came up for a overnight visit. On the Tuesday evening we went for a early evening walk and ended up at Varsity a really luxurious restaurant. The whole atmosphere was really special and the food was Excellent with our first courses being duck pate and the second course bringing swordfish and Roast Lamb both being absolutely delicious with the white wine. The deserts were the best part prehaps with the Passionfruit sorbet toping off a wonderful meal.

The Fitzwilliam Museum is perhaps the most understated Museum in the UK. The collection is an interesting mix of a range of renaissance and pre renaissance art with more modern works in a building that I can only describe as very fitting to such a excellent collection. Not everything was to my taste but it made me think about several things including the relationship between Christianity and the Virgin birth! (Could it be said that the story of divine conception is one that is meant to promote abstinence.)

Punting down the Cam is something that you must do when your in Cambridge and although it is about the most touristy thing to do there. We were joined in our boat by about 8 Chinese tourists but had a good chat with our guide who was a fun but very posh undergraduate who told us exactly where to go swimming to have the maximum amount of fun. We promptly went where he suggested to find that it was not quite what we had expected but walking a bit further we found ourselves at a beautiful swimming spot with some very interested looking cows and another couple sitting on the bank. We quickly got changed and slid into the deep squidgy mud at the bottom of the river. The water was a perfect temperature and as we swam down the river we were passed by several boats all of whom were a bit suprised to see us. As we got out with very muddy feet we were presented with another problem – the cows who had seemed interested before were definitely interested and we had an interesting changing session chasing cows around their field!

After lunch at the Chop House i brought three books in harpers books and we slowly wound our way back to the train staton to get the train back to london before I went for dinner with Mum as it was her birthday.