Mustang – Film Review

Set in rural Turkey this film is all about family dynamics with 5 orphaned Sisters being made to give up their freedom as a result of their one dimensional uncle who only sees them as good for one thing; to become good housewives.  As soon as the girls start playing with boys their freedom is taken away and they have to escape their own house which is made harder and harder to achieve by various means culminating in bars on the windows.

Rather than being about the actually inprisonment of the girls the film is about the sisters relationships to one another and their struggle to come to terms with the way they are being treated. Its a really quite depressing film with all the daughters going through a huge amount of torment both psychologically and  physically. It is lightened by the girls sense of humour and their relationships with people outside their household such as the guy who teaches the youngest daughter to drive and the love between the second daughter and her husband who she insists on marrying.  You really get a picture of a country going through rapid cultural change with the girls having their desire to choose winning out over the older generations much more traditional view of the world.  Very thought provoking film with lots to discuss afterwards.


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