Long way Home!

I have just returned to London after having visited various Family friends and cousins over the past couple of days. Family friends can be a very interesting thing because even if their not necessarily your particular friends you still need to treat them as such. That was certainly the case with the first people we went to say with. The parents are friends of my Mum and no one I know well sees the world the same way the husband does. His ideas are so far off the mark that he has always struggled to make any of his plentiful ideas get off the ground. That said they are very friendly and the wife, Jessica is much more straight forward, down to earth and practical. They have recently moved to a really beautiful house just West of Dingwall near Inverness.


The next stop was a visit to the Cousins and Aunt in Edinburgh. Extended family are really important and My Edinburgh cousins are some of my closest friends. The overnight stay was very relaxing on one level as I could say what I felt and speak the truth with everyone It was great to see my aunt so happy and her lovely house being so well used by everyone. The walk on Tyningham beach in the rain was very bracing but I had a good time finding out how everyone was after my time away in Madagascar.

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