Land of Forest Lava and Ash, Porsmork

I Recently went to Iceland for the fifth time and went back to Porsmork a valley lying at the foot of two glacial covered volcanoes Eyjafjallajokull, the one that erupted in 2010 and caused the chaos across Europe for a week and Katla / Myrdalsjokull. The area  is a really stunning with loads of really awesome rock formations everywhere. The area is one of Iceland’s premier nature destinations and is at the end of the most famous hike in the country.


I was volunteering for the Icelandic Forestry Service who along with the environment agency maintain the footpaths in the country. My team: Olga  Rick  Matt and myself, were doing a way-marking and mapping project starting to  make the paths clearer and safer by installing extra way-markers on the paths and giving them unique plaques so that people could let others know where they were.  this was supplemented by making the volunteer base nicer and clearing up as it was the very end of the season.


I had some really good walks including up this spectacular upside down cone of a mountain Called Rjupnafell,  one of the most beautiful walks I think I’ve had in the past couple of years.   The different habitats and terrains  you walked through just made the walk extra pretty with each stage offering something different. I also did a number of smaller but equally good walks and a run along the top of a ridge which was really beautiful.


One of the best times from this trip was seeing the northern lights do a awesome display in Langidalur campsite whilst we were having a bonfire.  I had never seen them before and they are really quite something.


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